Franklin County Deputies did not directly say if the vehicle was speeding, however, these accidents often happen during chip seal paving.

  Truck flips on Pasco Kahlotus Road Monday Morning

Franklin County Deputies responded to an area on the Pasco Kahlotus Road, for a report of a pickup on its roof. The road is a heavily traveled two-lane stretch that runs between Pasco and Kahlotus, to the east of Highway 395. It's used by a lot of agricultural vehicles.

No word if any injuries, but the road is being repaved using a process called chip sealing.  A hot layer of asphalt is poured onto the road, and small gravel, or chips, are poured onto the surface. A roller is often used to push the chips into the asphalt, creating a new firmer waterproof surface.

Because of the number of chips or gravel needed, it is like driving on gravel until the chips are set, and the extra gravel is spread to the shoulders by the constant traffic.

For this reason, officials say drivers need to follow reduced speed signs in these areas because excessive speed on the chips or gravel can result in loss of control.

The investigation continues.

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