Apparently the HR screening process for hiring TSA agents just aint workin'.

In yet another example of corruption, incompetence and crime in the TSA,  two former and two current TSA screeners at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) took bribes to allow suitcases loaded with coke, meth, and marijuana to pass through xray detectors while they looked the other way.

  The 22 count indictment lists at least five different incidents; the agents were given as much as $2,400 for their 'efforts'.   Several drug couriers or 'mules' are in Federal custody, more expected to surrender.   During these incidents, the screeners allowed nearly 50 kilos of coke, and almost as much meth and marijuana through the screening process.  The incidents occurred between February and March 2011.

  The only reason the Feds caught them is because one of the couriers went to the wrong screening station instead of where the corrupt TSA agent was working.   Screeners at that station spotted the drugs and seized the courier.  A subsequent investigation led the FBI to the rogue TSA employees.

 Because we all need a good laugh now and then, read this statement released by the TSA about the incident:

“TSA has assured the investigating agencies we will do everything we can to assist in their investigation,” said Randy Parsons, TSA Federal Security Director at LAX. “While these arrests are a disappointment, TSA is committed to holding our employees to the highest standards.”