A tense standoff in Yakima Monday began with a TV reporter and a city council candidate being chased by a man with a knife!

Monday morning, according to Yaktrinews.com  KVEW-TV reporter Maria Leal and another media member were setting up an interview with Jason White. He's not only a city council candidate, but he had discovered a woman's body near Walnut and Spruce streets. She'd apparently been killed in hit-and-run accident.

As the crews began to talk with White, a man approached them, began cursing and telling them to leave. Leal described him as a Hispanic man in his 50's or 60's and heavy set. He briefly left, then returned with a beer bottle, which he threw at the reporters.

He then began chasing them, and pulled a knife. The reporters ran, and White stayed with them until the man reportedly got tired of running and stopped.

Police say he then ducked into a home at Sixth and Walnut streets. He refused to come out, the home was surrounded by police.  As of the last report, the standoff was still continuing.

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