Police have made a gruesome discovery in a freezer at a home where an adult man lived with his parents, who now have been missing for some time.

Police have said little about who the two bodies are, or how they died, but there is evidence the man argued with his parents.

Police were called to the home in the suburb of Portland earlier this week after 38-year-old Jeremy Ringquist called 911 and asked for a police negotiator.  Officers found him in the home with what some believe to be a self-inflicted knife wound that was not life threatening.

Police had stopped by the home several times in the last two weeks to conduct welfare checks after an out-of-state relative called authorities. They were worried they had not been able to reach the two parents, Randy and Karen Ringquist, and that was very unusual.  Both times the police found notes on the door claiming the family was out of town.

They then responded to the 911 call from the adult son, and after getting no response to their knocking, forced open the door.

A woman who had lived in the home said the son was a heavy drinker and the woman was subjected to domestic violence, according to a neighbor.  The neighbor said he told the woman about various agencies where she could seek help and protection.

The neighbor described the domestic situation has having a lot of hatred and violence between the parents and the son.  Police plan to wait until Jeremy Rinquist recovers from surgery and treatment for his knife wounds before interviewing him.

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