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Go to Newstalk, search two cent tuesdays, and send us an email.  (attn John McKay) It can be about a local, regional or national issue.  Financial, political, sports-you name it.  This week our Two Cent Tuesday opinion combines comment with a recent story we posted about the worst traffic jams in Tri-Cities.   Kathy wrote in and was pretty short and sweet:

"395 and Yelm is pretty bad!"

  If you've driven up the hill into Kennewick off the Blue Bridge (instead of taking the roundabout or 240),  especially during rush hours, you know how crowded it can get.   We are looking into why that area as recently developed  into a problem traffic area.

  If you've got a comment, gripe, or question, let usk now about it, and be a part of  Two Cent Tuesday with Newstalk 870!

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