Little new information has been released, but authorities continue to investigate the shooting of two people Thursday evening North of Prosser.

Around 7:30pm, Benton County Sheriff's say they were called to an area off Hinzerling Road North of town, and found in a vineyard area two people, who had been shot.

A woman was dead at the scene, the other victim, a man, was taken to an area hospital, described as being in 'critical condition' according to KEPR-TV.

Officials did not say where the two were shot, or if they suffered multiple wounds. According to other news sources, including KNDU-TV, the man was 'unresponsive' as of Friday morning.  Officials have not said why the two were there, or what they might have been doing.

The investigation continues.


KNDU-TV is now reporting the woman was 42 and from Sunnyside, the man is a 46-year-old from Mabton. Benton County officials now say it's a possible murder-suicide.

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