Police now have a timeline of what led to the fatal shooting death of a Kennewick man.

A 17 and 14-year old are in custody relating to the fatal shooting of 21-year-old Patrick Romero.  Police now say in the evening of Sunday February 22nd, the suspects, along with several other individuals, had driven past Romero's home and fired a BB or pellet gun at the house.

Romero then reacted by chasing after them, and throwing rocks at their car. The suspects left the area, but then returned shortly afterwards. They confronted him with a gun. Police say more than one round was fired hitting Romero, killing him.  The suspects then fled the scene near North Dennis and West Bruneau Streets.

Now, after the investigation, a 17-year-old juvenile is facing 1st Degree Murder charges, and the 14-year-old 1st Degree Rendering Criminal Assistance. The investigation continues. Police have also arrested the alleged getaway driver of the car.


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