Police again urge citizens NOT to leave their vehicles running, unlocked, even for a few minutes.

Kennewick police reported two vehicles were stolen early Monday morning, March 24th, when their owners left them running to warm up, but didn't lock them.

The first car, a Silver 2004 Sonata, was taken from 6817 West Kennewick Ave around 6:10am, then just 8 minutes later, a tan 2000 Chevy Silverado pickup was stolen at 7803 West Deschutes Ave.

Police said the incident appear to be unrelated, but released few other details.    Sometimes these crimes are spur-of-the-moment, when people notice the vehicle with it's engine running, and they check to see if it's unlocked - and steal it.

It is also possible thieves are "patrolling" neighborhoods,  looking for such vehicles that are left unattended.   Police say it only takes a second for someone to steal yours, even if you're only inside or away from it briefly.