As of Monday, Sheriff Jerry Hatcher was still on the job, but late going into the weekend, a number of union leaders representing Benton County law enforcement issued statements asking for his resignation.

According to sources the formal charges of 4th Degree Domestic Assault and Witness Tampering led four different union groups to issue the following statement that read in part:

"The recent information and events regarding Sheriff Jerry Hatchers criminal charges are very disturbing to the employees of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office. We would like our community to know we are as concerned as you with the allegations he is accused of. The allegations are bringing discredit to this office and they do not reflect what we stand for. They are the actions of one person and if they are true, they will be his burden and his shame to carry."

The statement went on to say:

"Finally, we understand everyone should have the opportunity to stand trial and that includes Sheriff Hatcher. We also believe no one is above the law and that includes Sheriff Hatcher. In light of everything, we ask that Jerry Hatcher immediately resign and not drag the employees, the reputation of this office, or our community through his court process."

The groups issuing the join statement included Teamsters Local 839 and 760, Fraternal Order of Police (Correctional officer Lieutenants) and Benton County Deputies Guild.  Collectively, they represent virtually all county law enforcement workers.


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