Pasco Police are assisting Othello officers in attempting to locate a 32-year-old shooting suspect.

Wednesday night arouond 10:30PM, an Othello Officer radioed dispatch, saying he'd observed a man who was believed wanted by authorities. Aaron Urbina, however, allegedly fired a gun at the officer. The Policeman then told dispatch shots had been fired. The suspect fled, the officer did not return fire due to area safety concerns in the alleyway where he'd seen the man.

Now Pasco Police say Urbina, who is considered homeless (no known residence) may be in our area,  they said he has been "contacted" in the Tri-Cities in the past. They provided a 2020 booking photo. As you can see his appearance has changed significantly over the last couple of years. He has added facial hair.

Anyone who may see him or knows his whereabouts, you're urged to call (509)-628-0333.

 UPDATE---Othello Police and Adams County Deputies say Urbina has just been captured in Franklin County by US Marshals.  that usually indicates some significant warrants when the Marshals are brought in. 

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