The US Postal Service is warning about increased activity concerning various types of fraud, especially via text message.

  It's called "smishing", and it attempts to get you to click

According to USPS:

"Smishing", a form of phishing, is an unsolicited SMS (text) message. Victims will typically receive a deceptive text message that is intended to lure the recipient into providing their personal or financial information. These scams often attempt to impersonate a government agency, bank, or other company to lend legitimacy to their claims.

Common lures include “your account has been suspended”, “there is suspicious activity on your account”, "there is a problem with your shipping address" and “there is a package waiting for you at the Post Office."

It is safe to assume many people have received the "package at the post office" text.

Email scams are another method of attack by scammers. Emails are sent to people indicating they have had a package delivery "suspended,"  or they have a package waiting at the Post Office. There are usually links attached to the email, and they urge the recipient to click them.

The USPS also urges people, when possible, to report the scammer information to the Federal Trade Commission.

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