The Oregon Historical Society has scored a coup with its new collection.

May 15 through October 15 the Oregon History Museum will feature a collection of presidential artifacts that have NEVER been put on public display before! This rare collection includes:

  • George Washington's report on the Destruction of The Somerset (Revolutionary War!)
  • Receipt of payment to Meriwether Lewis, signed by Thomas Jefferson
  • 1865 Wanted Sign: Abraham Lincoln Assassins
  • Theodore Roosevelt's paper speech, with bullet hole
  • Harry S. Truman's top hat from his 2nd inauguration
  • General Dwight Eisenhower's custom field jacket
  • Log of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor
  • John F. Kennedy's rocking chair and Oval Office table
  • Jack Ruby's wallet & contents (Ruby was the man who shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald, JFK's assassin).

The museum is located in Portland. For more information and details, including hours of operation and displays, click on the button below.


(Oregon History Museum)