While we firmly believe in the US Space Program, and support NASA-as do many Americans-this story makes us think they've inhaled too much space dust...

Before you shake your head in disbelief,  read this brief from NASA concerning the upcoming Google Lunar X Project.   Funded and created in part by the dominators of the world wide web, the Google Lunar contest will award  upwards of 30 million dollars to the first privately funded and built rover to land on the planet, and broadcast back visible video and data to earth.

 Ok, so vacationing on the Moon is not possible yet, but the Google Lunar Project does NOT specify that the rover cannot be manned--by people.  Because of this contest, NASA has come up with the 93 pages of notes and information for the contestants so when they plunk their rover on the Moon, they won't inadvertently drive into, or over, previous landing or exploration spots.  Imagine your six wheeled crawler slamming into the side of the Eagle, where Neal Armstrong uttered those famous words about one small step for man.

 So get ready, if you've got the technology, brains and money, to build a rover to land on the Moon.  Like checking in the Park Ranger, just make sure you consult NASA before launching so you don't destroy what's already up there!