The mysterious death of a Kennewick woman took another turn Sunday, with the discovery of her vehicle, which had been missing.

According to police, around 2:30AM Saturday morning, 23-year-old Tessa West was found unresponsive by a roommate in a home. Police did not say where the house is located, but attempts to revive her were unsuccessful. Police also didn't say who performed CPR, but it turns out they believe she'd been dead for several days before being found.

Officials say some of the circumstances surrounding her death are "suspicious" and that West's whereabouts and activities the last few weeks have not been able to be established.

Then on Sunday, West's missing vehicle, a white Jeep Liberty, was located near 4th and Ely streets, which is right at the Highway 395 overpass near the Kennewick National baseball fields and Westgate Elementary.

The vehicle will be searched pending approval of a search warrant. Police are asking anyone who may know her to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

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