The Veterans for Foreign Wars (VFW) is considering legal action against another group using the monicker 'VFW'--Veterans For Weed!

The group known as Veterans For Weed has taken the famous POW/MIA black and white poster, and modified it with various marijuana smoking slogans, complete with a cigarette in the mouth of the profile of the man on the poster. Needless to say, a firestorm of controversy has erupted among veterans as well as the real VFW. While the poster is not copyrighted, it has become synonymous with the real VFW. However, the monicker VFW IS copyrighted by the Veterans for Foreign Wars and they have issued a 'cease and desist' to the Veterans for Weed. This is similar to a few years ago when W.W.F. - Worldwide Wrestling Federation - had to change their name due to a copyright from the World Wildlife Foundation. Take a look at the Veterans For Weed Website for yourself and see if you think they are disgracing the real VFW.