If Gov. Inslee sides with some environmental groups and tribal leaders, a $25 million package approved by the legislature could be in jeopardy. The bill would continue feasibility and development studies of placing small but powerful modular nuclear reactors in SE WA in the future.

   Some groups pressing Inslee to veto the bill

According to the Washington State Standard and other sources, the environmental group Columbia Riverkeeper and the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Reservation are asking Inslee to veto the bill.

Democratic Senator Mark Mullet was one of the legislators who pushed forward the bill, which would provide the money for Energy Northwest to continue the development of smaller modular nuclear reactors to help meet the state's coming energy needs.

Opponents of the bill claim these smaller reactors, which would be installed near the Tri-Cities not far from the current Columbia Generating Station, create even more nuclear waste than older models, but supporters of the tech say those claims are exaggerated.

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Supporters of the bill say it is not going to build any of the reactors, it is for feasibility and development studies. According to the Standard:

"The state money would come from the auction of air pollution allowances through the Climate Commitment Act’s cap-and-invest program. Lawmakers see nuclear power as a potential source of clean energy as the state looks to end its reliance on power generated from fossil fuels by mid-century."

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