The reason ATM machines are usually in well-lit areas is to discourage crime and video surveillance from the machines captures a lot of footage.

We've seen reports of people robbed as they were at ATM's on foot, especially during evening or weekend hours.

But this armed robbery is one we've not heard of before, at least not around here.

Pasco Police are seeking leads to ID the armed suspect who held up a driver while he was in his vehicle using an ATM machine.

Saturday night, around 11:30PM, the victim and his family were in their black four-door sedan at the HAPO drive-through on 20th Ave. just north of the Red Lion Hotel.

The victim said a man walked up to his car from behind and pointed a black semi-automatic pistol at him. He demanded the driver "give him everything he had."

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The man hurriedly threw his cash on the ground and sped away. The suspect fired at least two shots, presumably at the car, but no nearby damage was found.

However, investigators did find shell casings at the scene. K-9 Brit and his handler Officer Frantz attempted to track the suspect but the trail headed east into the nearby golf course, and the scent was lost. It is not known if the suspect fired at the vehicle, or into the air.

Police urge anyone who may have information about this case, or perhaps was in the area Saturday night, to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

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