Now, Pasco PD Officer Morrison has a new best buddy at the food table.

Videos capture the guilt ability of Pasco K-9

A few days ago, Pasco PD posted a hiarious video of Officer Morrison getting ready to consume a large burrito at the police station under the watchful eye of K-9 Brit. The video was commented on by many including Walla Walla County Emergency Services who humorously asked if animal cruelty charges should be filed?

Pasco responded that Brit got part of a burrito the next day, then posted another video of Officer Morrison with his new 'best dining' buddy, Brit, as they shared a plate of pancakes. It seems Brit got the lion's share.  Some really funny stuff! K-9 officers are no different than regular dogs when it comes to laying the guilt on you about food!

Below are the two videos. The first one is the burrito, then the pancakes. The backround music is also hilarious!

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