Thanks to a security camera installed by a renter, a Pasco man is in jail on arson and other suspected charges.

Sunday afternoon, 11-29, 70-year-old  Ramon Augustine Sanchez was arrested by officers. Police say it involves Residential Burglary, Arson and Threats to Kill.

It seems Sanchez was seen on a security camera starting a fire in the room occupied by a female victim. She was away in Oregon, but had an Arlo security camera system in the room. She watched as Sanchez started a fire there.

It spread to other areas of the house, but fire crews were able to put it out after she alerted authorities. Police didn't say why Sanchez allegedly started the fire or what the "threats to kill" were but he's now in jail.

The house is located in the 1500 Block of West Shoshone. The investigation continues.

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