Another possible cougar sighting was reported Monday night in a Kennewick residential neighborhood.

A woman who was sitting on her porch claims she spotted the cat at 11 pm walking along the side of a home on Arrowhead Avenue near Osborne Street. The neighborhood is across the highway from Columbia Park. The Benton County Sheriff's Department advises anyone who spots a cougar to report the sighting by contacting non-emergency dispatch at 509-628-0333.

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While the Kennewick cougar wasn't caught on camera, a Lake Chelan homeowner has captured several cougars on video many times.

Zita Bernath Facebook
Zita Bernath Facebook

Zita Bernath has shared her incredible videos on Facebook.

Bernath reports that the cougars are visiting more frequently at her Lake Chelan property. She wants them relocated. However, the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife say Bernath's home is on the edge of a cougar habitat wooded area. Wildlife Officials believe the cats are passing through on their way to water.

While cougars aren't a normal sight in Tri-Cities, Bernath has seen her fair share of the large cats, as close as her front porch. The Department of Fish and Wildlife believes the cats are traveling through the area that was once a cougar habitat before the housing development was constructed.

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