This afternoon, shortly after 12PM Kennewick Police were called to the area of 130 S. Conway Place, for a report of domestic violence incident.

Officers had received a 911 call with a woman crying in the backround, but not talking on the phone, while a man was yelling.

The phone went dead, then another person called 911 to report the suspect, 32-year-old Seth Pearce, was attempting to chop down the door of the home of his "significant other."

Police arrived, and were able to get the woman and her child out safely from their apartment, then began to search for Pearce, who had left the scene. He was armed with a large hunting knife and a hammer, and was found to have left out a window as additional police arrived.

He was quickly located but refused to follow officer's commands to surrender. Police tracked him down to 4th Ave. just below Highway 395 where eventually he was taken into custody. This video, provided by KPD and filmed apparently by a passerby, shows Pearce slowly retreating, but still refusing to follow commands.

At one point he had held the knife to his throat, but the non lethal rounds prompted him to drop it.

In the video, it appears you can hear the pop of bean bag guns, as Police indicated they used less than lethal methods to help convince him to give up.

He dropped his weapons and was taken into custody. He is now facing at least the following charges according to the KPD report.

 "Felony Threats-DV, Malicious Mischief-DV, Obstructing Public Servant, Resisting Arrest."

He was medically cleared before being taken to the Benton County Jail. The woman and her child were not harmed. Below is the video.

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