The 51-year-old man who was the subject of a viral video showing him being Tasered and apprehended (some say beaten) by Kennewick officers has been arrested again.

Gordon Bailey was the subject seen in a passerby video shot last week, when police apprehended him in Kennewick. He was arrested for car prowling and trespassing at the Ben Franklin Transit station on Huntington. He was Tasered and it appears punched several times by officers trying to subdue him.

Saturday night he was arrested again by Kennewick police, after he allegedly kicked down the door of a unit at the Highlander Apartments at 3030 West 4th. Ave.  He was arrested on an Order Violation when officers found him inside. There is an Anti-Harassment Order preventing him from being at that complex.

No word on who was there, or if anyone was actually inside at the time of the incident, but now he's facing more charges of Residential Burglary. Sources say police were called initially about a possible order violation. It appears Mr. Bailey cannot seem to avoid 'attracting attention' from police.

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