Although another update is expected this week, possibly tomorrow, as of July 27, voter returns in Benton County are rather low.

A check of the Benton County Auditor's office shows a total of 13 percent of the county's registered voters have been returned.

According to last November's general election statistics, there are just over 98,000 registered voters in the county. Kennewick has returned 13 percent, Richland 12% and West Richland 12% of ballots sent out. All told, that equals 13 percent.

Voters have until Wednesday to get in their ballots by the drop boxes, or they must be post marked by that day. Once the ballots have been mailed (July 12) the 18 day voting period begins July 14, by state law.

Up for grabs are 1 City of Kennewick council seat, 4 in Richland, and 2 in West Richland. It's important to get information about the candidates, and get in that ballot soon. After all, these people will be making and shaping policies that affect you right here where you live.

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