His statement was brief, but not surprising.

Many people have wondered if WA would join the 24 other states and Texas in their lawsuit to have the controversial election results in PA, GA, Wisc. and Michigan overturned.

Given the history of Attorney General Bob Ferguson, that was not likely. He has (so far) sued the Trump Administration 83 times. Thursday, he filed what's called a friend of the court briefing, asking the suit be dropped.

He claims the suit is unjustifyably seeking to overturn a free and fair election, and throw out millions of valid votes.

A brief statement by Ferguson read as follows:

“I will continue working to defend our elections from these legal attacks on our democracy. This lawsuit has no legal or factual basis. It will not succeed in overturning the will of the voters.”

Much like Governor Inslee, Ferguson has shown a penchant for grandstanding, filing lawsuits that are more attention getting than necessary, and this action comes as not surprise.

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