Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is suing Greyhound Bus Lines, claiming they allowed US Customs and Border Patrol  (CBP) agents to conduct illegal immigrant sweeps on their buses, namely in Spokane County.

Tuesday, Ferguson claimed the sweeps took place as far back as 2013.  He claims, in the suit, the Greyhound did not post warnings to it's passengers about the potential of such actions, and he says in 2018 the company ignored warnings from his office.

Ferguson had demanded the company deny access to CBP officials unless they had specific warrants or reasonable suspicion any illegal were on board. He also says the company did not discontinue the practice even after saying they were backing off on the policy in 2018.  A number of national stories were generated by various media about Greyhound cooperating with CBP Agents.  Federal officials often have targeted such transit lines, as they are an often used source of cross country transportation by illegals.

Ferguson filed the suit in Spokane County. He also claims such sweeps were conducted at the Spokane area bus terminal. Ferguson claims these immigration sweeps violate the Consumer Protection Act, and Washington Laws Against Discrimination.

Ferguson also claimed a number of people affected by the sweeps were DACA, or Dreamer illegals. Ferguson, in 2015, created what was called the Wing Luke Civil Rights division in Washington state; critics and some in law enforcement say it's purpose was to covertly 'frustrate' the efforts of CBP and other such enforcement agencies by using state and Federal anti-discrimination laws against efforts to locate and deport illegals.

However, as far back as 2018, even the Washington Post reported that Greyhound began notifying passengers of their 'rights' and policies when Border Patrol agents came on board buses to conduct searches, this would contradict part of Ferguson's lawsuit.

To read the lawsuit, click on the button below.

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