Thursday, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson released a statement accusing the Trump Administration of 'discouraging' people from accessing health care during the Coronavirus situation. Especially if they are immigrants or possibly here without documentation.

Ferguson release this statement, which read in part:

"...Instead of providing clarity in the midst of a public health emergency, the Trump Administration is creating more confusion and uncertainty,” Ferguson said. “Their ‘alert’ is another bait-and-switch, like the ‘public charge’ rule itself. Lawful immigrants are still faced with a terrible choice: Get health benefits they’re entitled to, which could protect their families and communities if they get sick, but risk their legal status and everything they’ve built in this country; or, go without health coverage in the middle of a pandemic. It���s bad policy in the best of times, but in this crisis, it’s unconscionable, and puts all of us at greater risk. The Trump Administration must commit to delaying this rule until the COVID-19 emergency resolves.”

Federal officials have urged people to closely monitor their own personal health, and determine if their life and behavior have potentially exposed them to COVID before seeking health advice. The CDC and COVID Federal team have not told people to stop accessing health care or seeking help.

And Ferguson, say critics, is twisting and inserting the "immigration" factor into an already difficult situation. The CDC and Federal officials have not attempted to 'browbeat' immigrants or other new arrivals about the issue of healthcare during this pandemic.

Ferguson proudly trumpets in many of his new briefs that the number of lawsuits he's filed against the Trump Administration is now over two dozen---and climbing.  Critics say Ferguson grandstands for political purposes, possibly trying to groom himself for a run at the Governor's spot in 2024.

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