Critics say Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson appears to be flirting with violating the 2nd Amendment by joining a multi-state lawsuit that aims to prohibit the distribution of instructions and manufacture of what are called 3-D printable guns.

A 3-D printer is basically a machine that combines elements (plastic, etc) into a 3 dimensional shape. They can be used to manufacture a gun, depending upon the model, that can sometimes fire multiple rounds. The technology has been around since 2012 at least.

A federal law prohibits the manufacture of guns that cannot be detected by a metal detector (The Undetectable Firearms Act), so most types of 3-D guns contain a metal plate.

Ferguson has joined Washington State to a lawsuit that's also being filed by the same state's who've joined him in other controversial legislation: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Oregon, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

The Trump Administration settled a 2015 lawsuit with a company called Defense Distributed, who worked to make information, details and procedures on how to build such guns readily available on the internet worldwide. The lawsuit had previously blocked such dealings. The 2018 settlement removed these restrictions.

This new lawsuit seeks to restore the ban on such 3-D gun materials. It is pointed out by critics that although 3-D printers can be purchased for as little as $200, most such devices capable of printing a 'quality' gun that actually works is closer to $1,200. They say it's doubtful most felons or criminals not tied to organized crime or drug cartels have the resources to get such weapons.

Ferguson's release gleefully points out that his office is "7-0" against the Trump Administration when it comes to cases that have been settled or have not more pending actions.



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