According to My Monday, Gov. Inslee has broken his 'own' mask mandate, even admitting it. Now, he wants to debate challenger Loren Culp by Zoom.

According to sources, including the Washington State Debate Coalition (WSDC), Inslee wants to be from his home via Zoom, while everyone is at the TVW studios. TVW is basically the C-SPAN of WA state.

Challenger Loren Culp will not wear a mask, and Inslee's campaign says they want him from home--despite assurances from the WSDC that social distancing will be put in place. One idea is to have a ten foot distance between the two, with similar distances with the moderators.

It would look a bit strange for TV, but would allow for both of them to be there live. However Inslee's campaign has, according to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH AM, not responded for comment.

Critics say Inslee is 'ducking' Culp, afraid to face him in person. A source with the WSDC told Rantz the situation is "turning into a cluster at this point."

It's been pointed out that Inslee wears a mask, but takes it off when he speaks at press conferences, often sharing a microphone with others. One time when challenged on his on-off policy, he said "I only took mine off because of the First Amendment."

Meanwhile, Culp, according to KTTH-AM, had the following zingers for Inslee:

“I didn’t want him behind a computer screen where his high priced consultants can tell him how to answer questions. I wanna have it live, you know, like in the real world. And I told him he could be as far away from me as he wants to. He can even wear two masks if he felt safer.”

He also told the Jason Rantz Show:

“We could put him in a hazmat suit so he could feel safer, with his own oxygen supply."

The latest idea would be to have them debate, via Zoom, from adjoining rooms at the TVW studios. A proposed date for the debate is October 6.

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