This caught our eye Thursday.

The Washington State Department of Commerce, most citizens would think, is tasked with economic-business-financial growth in the state.

However, apparently they have now wandered into the dicey area of gun control.

They have now opened a new office of Firearms Safety and Violence Prevention.

According to the Department of Commerce website:

"The newly-created Office of Firearm Safety and Violence Prevention at the Department of Commerce will lead a statewide effort to coordinate evidence-based intervention and prevention strategies to address community gun violence. The office’s work will be directed at the highest risk populations of perpetrators and victims in the highest risk communities."

NO one believes there shouldn't be efforts to curb violent behavior, and yes, gun violence in our state. However, it is a stretch for the Department of Commerce to be entering this arena. More from their website about this program:

"Reducing community gun violence requires different policies and strategies than other forms of gun violence such as suicide or domestic violence. Data is crucial for helping identify which communities are at risk. The office will work with those communities to coordinate and help implement evidence-based prevention strategies."

One might think that the Department believes violence prevents communities from experiencing economic growth and development. For example, if a city has a dangerous downtown area and businesses are suffering from lack of traffic, that would be something they might venture to help improve.

However, that would be a general effort involving many different groups, including law enforcement, to 'clean up' the area and make it more of a thriving economic region. Just like Trump's Economic Recovery Zones the last four years, which have brought back a number of urban areas towards recovery.

But to specifically target gun violence appears to be just another effort by the state government (spurred on behind the scenes by Gov. Inslee and anti 2nd Amendment groups) to further curtail citizens gun rights in general.

These are the same field of legislators and officials whom a couple of years ago,  proposed having County Sheriff's and Deputies make annual required inspections of people's homes to ensure their firearms are properly and safetly stored--a blatant violation of civil rights. That proposed bill quickly died when the word got out.

If you have studied state govenment and Inslee the last 8 years, this comes as no real surprise, another end-around towards eroding gun rights and possession in general.

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