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Newly-elected WA State GOP Chairman (and State House Rep) Jim Walsh (Aberdeen) announced this week a new drive designed to encourage voting.

Secure Your Vote program launches

According to a release from Walsh, Secure Your Vote (SYV) is a multi-pronged program designed to increase voting numbers, and security.

 The GOP has begun working with a variety of groups, described by Walsh as local businesses, fish and wildlife shops, and other conservative groups to install secure ballot drop boxes as various locations.

According to his email:

"The secure ballot boxes alone can cost up to $150 each - these aren't just a shoe box with a hole cut in it. And they are accompanied with voter information & materials, ballot tracking, and trained grassroots volunteer teams."

There will also be training with grass-roots organizations on how to install and oversee these boxes. Walsh and other GOP leaders say it's the closest thing we can have to in-person voting.  According to the information released, a total of 32 ballot boxes have been established in Pierce County, Central Washington, and among 15 different churches in parts of the state.

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Along with ballot harvesting, Walsh says the goal is to have at least 200 of these secured mailboxes in place by the 2024 election.

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