WA State Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal has unveiled another ambitious plan for public schools.

   Reykdal will ask the legislature to cover lots of expenses, even school supplies

 “Washington continues to lag the national average for the share of our Gross State Product (GSP) we invest in our public schools."

That was part of a statement from SPI Reykdal about investment in WA public schools, he also said the state is home to some of the world's most successful companies--perhaps hinting that the state can afford his eye-opening proposals.

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Reykdal recently said he will ask the legislature to prepare legislation to ensure all K-12 students in public schools get free meals, regardless of financial need. Now, in his latest proposals he said he will ask for more:

 "The Superintendent’s budget aims to expand student access to learning a second language throughout elementary school, hands-on science learning opportunities, regional pre-apprenticeship programs to prepare students for future work in trades fields, early literacy for our youngest learners, and more."

And more is planned as well:

"..the Superintendent seeks to remove student and family costs from basic education, which serve as a barrier for many students. This includes no longer requiring families to purchase school supplies, pay for test or course fees for high school dual credit courses (for example, Running Start and Advanced Placement), or pay for meals during the school day."

For a complete look at the proposed education budget, click here. 

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