All this, just to get a story!

With numerous wildfires burning in Oregon and Washington state,  officials are having a difficult enough time trying to get citizens evacuated in numerous areas.

Dozens of homes have been evacuated in  Washington due to the numerous fires.   Now, they're having to deal with newsmedia who are choosing to break the rules!

Numerous incidents have been reported over the last ten days to DNR officials about members of the news media either crossing restricted fire lines, or entering closed areas without permission to get pictures and video footage of the blazes!

Two such incidents occurred very recently at the Mile Marker 28 fire and the Colockum Tarps Fire.

It has become such an issue that a press release was issued Thursday by the Department of Natural Resources.   State officials stress for ALL citizens that even if they don't see a fire close by, these areas are closed for a reason.   Winds and weather can cause flareups, and sudden fire shifts that can trap a person with no escape route from the flames.

If news media continue to sneak into active fire areas, the DNR included this telling statement in their release:

"County and state law enforcement officers who establish evacuation areas and staff road blocks may choose to cite or arrest those who evade roadblocks and enter closed areas."