There's no escaping the snow this winter and in outlaying areas like Dayton, Prescott and Waitsburg, snow is to be expected right?

The area generally gets even more snow than us here in the Columbia Basin so you'd think snow wouldn't keep the Waitsburg School buses down but one accidentally got stuck last week.

It was a 30 minute ordeal as a school bus got stuck in snow on Shea Road 20 miles north of Waitsburg.

The bus was carrying three elementary students where the bus spent 30 minutes in the snow drift.

The driver and students where unharmed but the Superintendent John Mishra did issue an apology for not closing schools after a early morning decision was made to get buses rolling.

the good news is not harm, no foul but is it just me, are schools closing too early? or are schools playing it safe? Those are good questions to think about.

You can check out more details on the story here.   

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