Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? You know fighting isn't allowed in prison, so don't be gripin' when the thunder comes down on you for doing so.

Apparently a couple of prisoners were beating up another and continued even after loud warnings through the speaker from a tower guard watching over the prison yard.

The guard set off a giant alarm and even sent a warning shot into another part of the yard.

So guess what, next bullet was aimed at one of the attackers.

The prisoner who was attacked is OK. The prisoner shot will live and after getting medical treatment is now back in his cozy jail cell while the incident is investigated.

The last time a guard shot a prisoner in Washington state was 2012.

I want to know more about this guard! How do you shoot someone and only give them a "flesh wound" from up in the tower? That's some fine shooting right there from a well-trained professional.


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