Season 1, Episode 2 - Tumblegeddon 2020 - Walla Walla Wacky

Tumbleweeds are making the rounds, so to speak.

Here is an interesting post from the Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office. It does not look like the situation was as dire as New Year's Eve outside of Richland on State Route 240, but bad enough to call in some help to clear the roadway. Twice in a fortnight now, tumbleweed havoc on a scale rarely seen before.

Earlier this evening it became apparent that the road less traveled is sometimes that way for a reason. 

An abundance of tumbleweeds combined with high wind was the perfect recipe for a natural road block on Touchet North Rd near Luckenbill Rd. A road crew responded to reopen the roadway at this location and clear several other spots that had been reduced to one lane.

Responding to a question regarding the success of the efforts:

Yes. Deputies checked again this morning to make sure the efforts by our Public Works Dept had a lasting effect last night. The migrating ‘kali tragus’ gained a temporary advantage in a few places but we won the battle.

I've lived in Eastern Washington my whole life, never have I seen this tumbleweed scene on such a scale twice in two weeks, let alone ever.


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