There will no doubt be a lot of misinformation and rumors flying after Walmart announced Tuesday it's going to stop selling handgun ammo nationwide, and handguns altogether in Alaska.

Calls to local stores were referred to regional management, but the information we did get mirrors national releases. Here's what they're going to do.

*Ammunition for handguns is not going to mysteriously 'disappear' from store shelves. It will be 'sold through', meaning once it sells it won't be replenished. The chain plans to sell off remaining handgun ammo but as of this week, will not be purchasing anymore.

*The only state where handguns will be eliminated in a similar sell through fashion will be Alaska. Guns still in stores across that state will be sold off but not replaced.

*So you will be able (for now) to buy a handgun at our Walmarts, but once the ammo sells out, you'll have to buy it elsewhere.

 *Walmart will continue to sell and focus on rifle, shotgun and hunting weapons, as referenced by a memo issued by their CEO Doug McMillon. He said:

"We have a long heritage as a company of serving responsible hunters and sportsmen and women, and we're going to continue doing so."

This is expected to have somewhat of an effect not just on their gun and ammo sales, but it's expected to have an impact on major ammunition manufacturers who supply to Walmart, when it comes to handgun supplies.

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