Because the rider looked so out of place, and because some of the police officers are fans of the Tour De France and bike racing, a Pasco man is in jail on significant theft charges, and a VERY expensive bike is back with it's owner.

Pasco police report last Friday evening, Sergeant Bill Parramore was on patrol near 14th and Henry when he noticed a guy riding a bike. But it was the bike and how he was dressed that seemed odd. The man was looking pretty shabby, not the kind of guy you would see riding a bike that looked like it belonged in the Tour De France.

Parramore made a close note of the bike's description, then kept the man under surveillance.  He radioed to other officers, who confirmed the bike appeared to be a Cervelo P2, which is used by OLYMPIC, International and Tour De France riders. After checking to see if any bike thefts had been reported, Parramore discovered there had in West Richland. The victim has filed a report.  Parramore messaged him and confirmed the description, it had been stolen ten days earlier.

38-year-old Dustin Edward Kuykendall was "pulled over" by Parramore and Officer Griffin. His alibis and excuses for how he got the bike quickly fell apart, and how he's in the Franklin County jail on First Degree Property Theft. The screenshot shows how happy the owner was to get his bike back.

Although a price was not listed on this bike, a Google search shows a USED or even older Cevelo bike costs at least $2,500 to $3,000 or higher.

Happy owner gets bike back (Dave Allen Pasco PD)
Happy owner gets bike back (Dave Allen Pasco PD)

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