If you're going to harass and get in a fight with somebody, and you've got four outstanding warrants, might wanna do it in private.

Kennewick police apprehended a 51-year-old man who had four outstanding Benton County arrest warrants after he allegedly got in an altercation with a woman near KFC on Kennewick Ave.

Monday evening, police say they were told the suspect might have violated a no-contact order between himself and the female. When they arrived at the scene it was learned there was no restraining order between the two, but from the victim's description and information it was learned Arthur Nelson was wanted on the 4 warrants.  He'd left the scene on a bike, but was later located behind the nearby Safeway store and arrested.

Couldn't help but notice that's a rather 'juvenile' looking bike for a 51-year-old to be riding...

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