Suspect located, busted in bathroom (MLPD)
Suspect located, busted in bathroom (MLPD)

After an extensive search, a wanted suspect is captured in a transit center bathroom.

The man was wanted on felony charges for imprisonment and threats

38-year-old Modesto Valencia Aguilar was being sought by Police for his outstanding warrants, and officers who tried to contact him Tuesday ended up in a chase.

He was last seen in a swampy area behind McCosh Park in Moses Lake. After a thorough and wet search of the area, Police and Grant County Deputies came up empty-handed.

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They also knew he had been living in a camper parked in town near 7th and Division Streets, so they alerted area residents to keep an eye out for him.

   Suspect spotted at transit station

But what did him in was the call of Nature. Police got a call that Aguilar was spotted at the public transit station at 4th. and Division Streets and they quickly converged.


Suspect busted in bathroom (MLPD)
Suspect busted in bathroom (MLPD)

He was located in the bathroom, and as Moses Lake Police put it on their Facebook page: 

"Officers gloved up and one flush later, he was in custody without incident. He was booked into the Grant County Jail on the outstanding warrants."

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