It was a busy Saturday for Benton County Deputies.

It began early Friday morning, around 2:30AM when a Deputy pulled over a vehicle on I-182 for lane travel violations (most likely swerving and drifting).

When the deputy approached, the woman driver appeared very distraught. The Deputy recognized her passenger as Jacob Munoz. Officials didn't say if he was wanted on any warrants, but for her safety the Deputy got the woman out of the car. She told him she had picked up Munoz, didn't say why or what their relationship is. But she said he appeared to be high and very agitated. She was very scared by his behavior.

She pulled out a BB pistol to try to calm him down, but he recognized it as being a 'fake' and took it from her prior to the stop. It's likely their arguing led to her errant driving.

However before the Deputy could get Munoz out and question him, he sped off in the victims car and eluded authorities. Then on Saturday, Deputies were able to track Munoz to his home. They spotted the stolen car, then Munoz ran out the back and into the Yakima River.

He had apparently prepared himself with rocks and sticks to fight officers, he was in shallow water. However the presence of a K-9 and numerous Deputies 'convinced' him to give up, and now he he's in the Benton County jail.

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