While Gov. Jay Inslee was touting the positives of the study done by the magazine Chief Executive, 33rd. isn't exactly bragging rights.

According to data gathered from various business, economic and employment services - as well as the opinions of some 500 CEO's across the country,  Washington shows some positive signs.   But it also comes with a big fat "but."

The study shows despite already having the highest minimum wage in the U.S. our job growth has been fairly steady.   Seattle's unemployment rate is about 5.2%, and according to sources such as GeekWire.com,   more small business jobs are added each month here than anywhere else.

However, the study entitled "The Best and Worst States Survey"  also cautions that Seattle's plan to raise it's minimum wage to $15-per-hour could have a potential huge effect on small business hiring. With other cities considering similar raises, Seattle's decision could have a ripple effect on the entire state.   Some economic experts also say Gov. Inslee's rumored plan to implement controversial low-carbon fuel standards could affect the economy as well.   If Inslee implements these new expensive fuel standards,   gas prices could rise by as much as $1-1.17-per-gallon.

The five BEST states in the survey were: Texas, Florida, Tennessee, North and South Carolina 1-5.  The five WORST were Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, New York, and California, 45-50.