Boeing is facing a lawsuit from a worker who claims they have been subjected to an unsafe work environment because they are a transgender person.

  Lawsuit claims issues date back as far as 2011.

   According to, the worker, Rachael Rasmussen, had worked for the company for 20 years before her transition.

The suit says about a year after she made the decision to transition, the issues began in 2011. The suit says she was regularly 'outed' to new employees, her possessions were vandalized, she was "shouldered" in hallways (presumably nudged with unwanted contact), and a victim of homophobic comments and slurs.

The lawsuit was filed in part because Rasmussen said Boeing did not take steps to stop the treatment and didn't address her concerns. The lawsuit also says she was sexually assaulted with a broom handle.

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Rasmussen said she worked for the company for 20 years as a crane operator with no issues until the decision to transition was made. Boeing, according to MyNorthwest, has not commented on the lawsuit.

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