Is Washington State The Friendliest State In The Union?

If you're a transplant to Washington State, would you say Washingtonians are the friendliest of folks?


How Does Washington State Rank As The Most Neighborly State In The USA?

I'm a Washingtonian, born and raised and I've always assumed Washington was a pretty friendly state. I love living in Washington but I could be a little biased toward my home state.

It wasn't until I traveled outside of Washington that I realized that other states can be friendlier than Washington State. I know --- SHOCKER!

5 States Rank As The Most Hated In The United States According To Survey

I realized this after a trip to Georgia. I learned that "Southern Hospitality" was a real thing. It got me thinking if Washington was the "friendliest" state in the United States.

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A website has ranked the most hated states in America and I was curious to see if Washington State made the list.

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5 states ranked high on the list of most-hated states. Some of the states were obvious but some of the most hated states were surprising.

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Texas, California, New Jersey, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, and Michigan lead the nation in the most hated state survey.

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The good news is that I didn't see Washington State on the list.

If you think about the states you dislike the most, do any of the seven states come to mind?

Here's A List Of Pros And Cons Of Living In Washington State

California seems like an easy target as well as New Jersey. I was surprised to find Michigan on the list but according to the website, a lot of the hate seems pointed at Detroit Michigan.

Washington State wasn't named in the survey so I had to dig a little deeper and found a list of pros and cons of Washington State. I discovered that Washington has a lot of pros and some cons but the friendliest state including all of the states listed above seems to be in the eye of the beholder.

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