By now the majority of Idahoans have heard about the record rainfall in regions of Montana and Wyoming that have caused the closure of roads heading into Yellowstone National Park. It's not just roadways that are crumbling due to rain totals, but structures inside the park have been lost because of it too.

Shocking footage has surfaced that shows a home in Gardiner, Montana, falling off the side of the Yellowstone River and being swept away with intense force. One heavily traveled roadway in the area suffered almost total loss as a portion of one entire lane collapsed into rushing waters.

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Mudslides caused officials to make the decision Monday to temporarily close Yellowstone National Park to visitors. According to recent reports, they hope to reopen the park on Wednesday. More rain is expected to fall in the region Tuesday, but conditions will begin drying by Wednesday and will lead to warmer days for the remainder of the week. Highs will reach the eighties by Saturday, according to

The park's Facebook page has provided updates on the flooding. Aerial footage shot by a helicopter shows the extensive damage to the region from some of the heaviest June rain totals in years. Rockslides have also been reported, and conditions are listed as "extremely hazardous" on the website.

For more information on current conditions in Yellowstone National Park, click here. Please do not attempt to visit the park until officials announce it is safe to do so.

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