Rock. Solid. Dude.

Retiring Grant County Undersheriff Dave Ponozzo signs out of service at the completion of a 36 year career in the video below.

This happened late last month, but we wanted to pass along a sample of a steady man with a steady hand in law enforcement for many, many years saying goodbye for the final time in calm, measured tones. Of course that's how he delivered his farewell, without fanfare or storytelling, just sincere gratitude to be able to serve for so long.

"I thank you for always having my back, I am sincerely humbled in being allowed to be a part of your team. Please be good and stay safe. Forward march...."

Given the almost 300 best wishes comments posted, Undersheriff Ponozzo is a respected, decent man who made the people around him want to be better. That is the definition of a leader and a positive, influential role model.

Godspeed, Undersheriff Ponozzo, enjoy the sunset.



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