It kinda looks like the creeper vehicle from the horrific movie "Jeepers Creepers!"  But it's even better!  

Be on the watchout for the Townsquare Media Terror Behind the Screen Zombie Bus, coming to the fair this year.

The bus is brought to you by Crazy Moose and Coyote Bobs Casino's and  powered by Enriquez Automotive Services and Kennewick Autobody, and it will be roaming around the fair all week.

These pictures were taken just before a swarm of Zombies descended upon the bus just after it had been painted.   The whereabouts of the bus are not known, nor is the fate of the people in the photos!

If you dare, you can have your picture taken with the Zombies each night of the fair, from 6-9pm.    That is, unless they eat you before you can snap the picture...hahahahaha!

And, don't forget - Terror Behind the Screen is BACK this October, make sure you like theme on Facebook - or else!       More details coming soon.

The Zombie bus just prior to the attack of the flesh eaters! (Townsquare media image)