While it was :15 seconds late on Newstalk 870, our Townsquare media stations, and those throughout Eastern Washington did hear it,  elsewhere it was an epic FAIL for the national EAS Test.

*Several local cable channels in Mid Columbia did not carry the test, slated for 11am PDT,  2pm Eastern.  It did not show up on all the channels as designed.

*some Direct TV customers reported hearing Lady Gaga music during the time of the test.  Others reported their televisions changed channels.  Business Insider reports as of 2:07pm in New York, most had not seen the test, many did not hear it.   Similar reports scattered across the county mirror that...most radio got it, but for TV,  many did not.

*Most Time Warner cable customers in New York and surrounding areas did not see it.   According to a release from the FCC, they are blaming how some satellite and cable providers "prepped" their equipment.  Now, we (radio and tv) already part of the EAS, or Emergency Alert System.   It already has capability to "take over" our stations in case of an emergency.   All radio and TV stations were already "wired" more or less into the system...more likely, it's an FCC or EAS issue on the Feds end.   But the bottom line, the initial test of the nationwide EAS will be a likely candidate for the website failblog.org.    To quote the line made famous by the site,  "Epic Fail."

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