You got one of these on your phone Wednesday, you can't opt out of EAS alerts sent by the President himself.  But apparently many liberals and celebrities have short memories.

Leading up to announcements about Wednesday's test, which reached across the nation and included on-air radio and TV tones, many libs and celebrities were 'begging' to find a way out of 'Trumps text.'  Some snarkily said it meant the world was coming to an end, others surmised Trump would 'take control' of their phones.

But the ironic aspect is, the Presidential text feature was created in 2011 by Obama, and it's actually his administration who created the 'no opt out' feature from the texts sent by the President himself.  Back then libs and the mainstream media ignored the tidal wave of protests from libertarians and conservatives who objected to being 'forced' to receive a text from Obama. There wasn't a peep from libs or progressives against it.

But now that the exact same system is being tested, they're losing their minds because it's Trump on the keyboard, and not their 'guy.'  Rather ironic.

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