Each year the Pasco School District faces the challenge of meeting the needs of a steadily-growing student population.

Several recent bond measures in the last few years have enabled the district to build much-needed new schools, and a significant increase again enrollment this fall shows it was a good idea.

Just-released numbers from the second day of school in Pasco show the district overall saw a 4.6% jump over 2012, which amounts to about 490 students. That makes Pasco one of the fastest-growing school districts in Washington state.

According to Public Affairs Director Leslee Caul, 8,250 elementary children; 3,156 middle school students; and 3,352 high school students are enrolled. These numbers don't include the Delta High School or New Horizons students, as their numbers are still being calculated.

Official counts taken by the Washington State Office of the Superintendent will be conducted on or around Oct. 1.