According to International Business Times (IBT), we spend quite a lot related to kids and school.

Back in July, the worldwide professional services firm Deloitte, conducted a survey nationwide, asking parents how much they expected to spend on back to school related items.

It comes in, on average, at a staggering $501 (national average), which is up from $488 in 2016. But that's not just on school supplies, that includes everything from clothes to shoes, backpacks to digital.

In fact, much of the increase in school spending comes from a downturn in traditional supplies but an increase in computers and other digital tools. Especially as students progress, according to IBT and Deloitte, there's less paper and pencils and more graphing calculators and laptops.

IBT says more households are using the money they don't spend on the glue, paper, pencils etc to buy clothes and the digital stuff.

Did YOU spend anywhere near that amount? The wife got the kids school shopping done so long ago, I forgot how much we dropped!

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